GtkToolPalette in GTK+ 2.20

We (Openismus) recently got our GtkToolPalette widget into GTK+’s git master, to be seen in recent GTK+ 2.19 (unstable) tarballs. We haven’t had much extra time for this kind of thing, so I’m glad it’s finally done after being worked on now and then by Mathias Hasselmann, Jan Arne Petersen and Johannes Schmid. Thanks to Matthias Clasen for valuable reviewing and cleanup.

We hope that this can replace the hand-coded tool palette widgets in Glade and Gimp, as well as making this easier for new applications. It replaces EggToolPalette in libegg, where we started the work. Please take a look and report any problems. I’m already using it in a Glom branch.

Here’s the GTK+ API reference for GtkToolPalette. There’s a GtkToolPalette example in gtk-demo.

And here’s a little introductory Gtk::ToolPalette chapter I wrote for the gtkmm (C++) book. Note that gtkmm’s API reference for this is mostly empty, but fixed already in git.

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  1. Wow, very nice! Just to be sure, on the screenshot, are there multiple toolboxes or one with multiple “sections”?

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