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Over the last couple of days I added a new “layout item” to Glom’s detail view. It works like the existing Related Records portal, but presents the related records via a calendar. It uses Mathias Hasselmann’s recent gtk_calendar_set_detail_func() addition in GTK+’s svn trunk.

Obviously this isn’t a perfect example. Any school administrator would be annoyed at having to add new lessons every week even if they are the same as the week before. Schedules are notoriously difficult to handle in generic database systems, but maybe there’s a neat way to even make this example useful by adding just one or two new features.

Glom\'s Lesson Planner Example

4 thoughts on “Glom: Calendar Portal

  1. Hello I use this place as I do not know where else I can ask this.

    In the past I have used Filemaker. However I use Ubuntu now, so fm do not work any more. I have followed your instructions adding the apt sources list. And everything installed like it should.
    The version is 1.6.14
    I can not find the teacher lesson planner. And dont find a place where I can download it. I have become a teacher and like to make a diary / lesson planner fulfilling the requirement of the inspectors. So it can be used by all the primary schoolteachers in the Flemisch part of Belgium
    I have made a few test starting from an example. However I can not find a drag and drop feature. I can not move the fields around.
    Can you help me further?

  2. rok, there is a mailing list, which is probably a better place to ask.

    However, this calendar functionality (and the drag and drop layout feature) is only in the current unstable development version, and is quite experimental. When we release the new version in a few weeks from now, you should try it, but don’t expect it to be perfect. It’s unlikely to be ready for your needs yet.

    Without the drag-and-drop layout, you need to use the ugly Layout window, available from the Developer menu. Even in the new version, the drag and drop layout feature will probably not be complete.

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