Murray's Blog for git?

cairomm has switched to git. I have no need for what git offers, being quite happy with svn, and I’m generally annoyed at having to change the tools I use unnecessarily, but Jonathan Jongsma does most of the cairomm work so he gets to choose. So far I’m learning how to do the basic stuff:

Check it out:
git clone

Get a diff of my changes:
git commit -a -m “a paste of my changelog entry”
git pull
git diff origin HEAD > my-changes.patch

I know that’s probably not how I’m meant to work with git but I don’t currently want to change how I work. I like to make patches, and it annoys me that even that is so involved. I might use other stuff later, but I’m not going to be forced to do it now.

But I’d really like a git version of the script, which currently only supports CVS and SVN. Does anyone have one?

Update: MOAP‘s “moap changelog prepare” command does this wonderfully, and supports cvs, svn, and maybe others too. It makes me happy.

Just a ChangeLog and none of your nonsense

I also know that various mad people think that ChangeLogs are unnecessary and/or should just be generated from commit logs. This is silly and doesn’t ever work. I’ve seen it fail again and again. Why don’t your dangerous optimism LEDs flash just at the thought of it?

I’d be just slightly persuaded if anyone could show an http URL of even one ChangeLog in one git project that listed files changed and functions in those files changed, instead of the vagueness that you normally get when you tell people just to say something in a commit message with no review of what they’ve changed or how they are explaining it. Your tool isn’t better than a ChangeLog yet.

Please think before you post examples. Just because you have a URL of a generated ChangeLog, that doesn’t mean that the content is any good. And it’s not enough that I could theoretically write some scripts or click all over a website to see what was changed in what function, which I could theoretically understand without any comments about the changes (don’t get me started about lack of code comments in general). A nice ChangeLog would just explain what was done and get out of my way and I could even read it in the tarball. I’ve been to ClearCase and I’m not going back.

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