Party, Football, etc.

We finally had our apartment-warming party, which turned out really well, with lots of our favourite people and the drama of a German goal to win in the 91st minute.

Josh made the journey to Munich. He’s recently been in Austria doing some German-language Ubuntu Linux training videos with Video2Brain. They sound like a great bunch of people and I imagine that the result will be a really useful addition to their catalogue. His video should be available soon. Of course, if he found the time to blog then I wouldn’t have to be the definitive source of Josh-related information.

The day after the party we took a weary walk around the Viertel and visited the beach bar on the bridge over the Isar.


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  1. Let me understand this correctly. The bar looks like a beech (ie. it has sand), however, it is actually built next to the river?

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