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New Hackergotchi

As GUADEC approaches, it’s really time for me to update my hackergotchi so people don’t tell me afterwards that they wished I had been there.

Unfortunately this also means that less people will meet me and remember me as particularly wise and with a German accent too. If you’ve had that experience already then you’ve actually met Matthias Clasen, who indeed does the work of two people.

That’s three or four years of not looking half normal while simultaneously being between a camera and a plain background. I did my best with the normal-looking, but I plan to be dissatisfied with this one for another few years.

This takes me ages to do in GIMP. If anybody would like to do a better job, here is the original:

Update: Mark Slater made a better one, though it shows up with a black background in WordPress when I import it into WordPress. Let’s see how it looks online:

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