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svn branches are directories?

I find svn branches a bit confusing, because they feel like directories. You specify branches as part of the path to the directory, rather than separately, and it seems that, if a branch doesn’t exist explicitly, some directories don’t show up in trunk (the svn equivalent of SVN’s HEAD). This doesn’t seem useful.
For instance, in maemo, here’s the trunk branch:

But a new directory doesn’t appear there. It’s here instead:

And maemo’s non-trunk branches appear in some strange places, with the branch names in a different part of the path (e.g. haf/gtk+/somebranch/ instead of somebranch/haf/gtk+.):

Is this normal, or is maemo doing something it shouldn’t? When GNOME switches to svn we’ll need a version of GNOME’s great cvs instructions for svn.

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