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Glom Web UI

If nobody else gets around to it, I might have to implement the Web interface for Glom myself. But I haven’t done web programming recently and I’m very out of touch with the latest stuff. The last time I did any, JSP was the nobody-ever-got-fired-for choice.

It just has to read the Glom .XML file and from that allow people to navigate through tables and records, getting and setting the data from the database, laying the fields out appropriately as per the simple Glom layouts.

Feel free to add comments to tell me what the latest popular proven technologies are. Note that I’m not interested in using .Net or Mono, and I’d rather avoid relatively new programming languages like Ruby, or APIs that were invented last week. Python would be nicely middle of the road if there’s some suitable APIs for it. It might be nice to be able to call a C++ libglom library, to reuse some logic.

I’m not going to do this any time soon. (Unless someone pays me for it. As ever.)

Update: I’d like to have a nice AJAXy responsive UI, so I can, for instance, update a list of choices in one field based on what the user has just entered in another field. A small delay would be acceptable, but a page refresh would be annoying. But I don’t want to write any javascript myself. It would be nice if I could just have all that hidden inside some widget objects, like using GTK+ that renders itself to a browser.

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