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Glom Beta 1

I’ve been squashing lots of bugs, as ever, and I think Glom is nearly 1.0 material, so I’m calling 0.9.8 “Beta 1” and hoping that it gets some more testing. Realistically, only people using Ubuntu Dapper will be able to test it easily, thanks to Daniel Holbach.

There’s lots of post-1.0 features that need to be done, and it’s easy to start convincing myself that they are essential, but it’s also important to get some set of functionality into a stable usable form. And the reality is that the Glom 1.0 features are actually quite substantial. There’s nothing even remotely like this in free/open-source software or Linux at the moment, and it’s a deal-breaker for a significant group of users.

For now, It still lacks some features that (closed-source, non-Linux) FileMaker Pro has, but it also make several things easier and has that Postgres magic to win over hardcore sysadmins. So, if FileMaker ever get around to doing a Linux port, Glom would probably still be a winner.

Just to get this far has been an immense amount of work for me. I’ve taken months off paying-work about 3 times now to push it along, risking financial collapse each time. I actually started it five years ago, but development accelerated when I decided not to waste time making it impossibly generic and über-adaptable. To get an idea of how important this has been to me: This is the reason that I started working on gtkmm, libsigc++, bakery, libxml++, libgnome*mm, and libgdamm (taking over maintainership in some cases, starting them in others), because I just couldn’t imagine producing a full-featured app without (real) C++, because that’s what I do. Yes, gtkmm is, in a way, just a side-effect of Glom for me. You’ve got to get obsessed and stay obsessed.

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