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VMWare Workstation

I now have VMWare Workstation. It’s an amazing product that’s going to be very useful to me for testing and for running a handful of obscure Windows programs. It’s well worth the price considering all the amazing work that’s been put into it.

Installing Windows in a VMWare virtual machine is a pleasure. It’s great to know that MS Windows is trapped inside the window. Just try trashing my boot partition now you monopoly-abusing little fucker. And none of its viruses/worms/spyware/adware can touch my real work.

The UI is pretty good. There are some eccentricities, but I can understand their choices. I’d like some things to be explained a bit more in the installation and user interface. For instance, the installation script asks some scarily unanswerable (to me) questions about networking NATs and subnets. And I wasn’t sure if a referenced clone would be affected by actions in the original.

Now, how on earth do I create vmware appliances for use in VMWare Player?

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