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New gtkmm applications

Lots of gtkmm (GTK+ C++ API) applications have popped up recently:

I haven't used any of these applications yet. Blogging takes time, you know.

When we add Inkscape and my Glom project (finished some day when I get the time or money), I don't think we need to keep asking the gtkmm developers (mostly me) to also code a killer application to justify gtkmm being available on distros (available everywhere now anyway) so that people can code killer applications. That had annoyed me.

This is not a wave of gtkmmification, nor a sign that C++ makes everyone an order of magnitude more productive, or that we should all start using C++ and shouting at the people who don't want to. It just shows that, with GNOME, you can _really_ use just about whatever programming language you are comfortable with.

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