Board and GUADEC conference calls

I had GNOME conference calls last evening and the evening before.

The GNOME Foundation Board's old members handed over to the new members, so we had many people on the call. We have to mute when not talking, but I couldn't unmute after a while, so did my replying on irc. I'm not a fan of conference calls, but dates for meetings are a good way to get people in sync, even if meetings themselves are not.

There was much discussion about how to be more productive, without useless distractions. Hopefully we manage that. A year is a short time, and I'd like to be proud of my year. But I think that the old board are being a little hard on themselves.

The guadec-planning meeting was more practical. There's a capable team with support from the local government, and things seem to be going well, both with the submitted papers (Dave Neary has done a great job) with the infrastructure (Thomas Uhl's local contacts have been very helpful), and with the web site (thanks to Christian Meyer). Tim Ney is organising things well.