Hartz but fair

Apparently the new Hartz reforms in Germany are going to make life excessively difficult for a lot of unemployed people, but there's clearly something that needs fixing.

For example, unemployed people receive a percentage of the money that they got when they were employed. So an unemployed bank manager gets more than an unemployed laborer. That seems deeply unfair.

Also, there's someone who I would very much like to employ for a few days a month, so he'd receive a few hundred euros. But if he takes that job then he a) gets less than when he's unemployed, instead of it being topped up, and b) When I stop employing him he'll get less than before, because his new previous job paid less. So the system stops me from helping to support an unemployed person, and stops my business from benefiting from his skills/effort.

Honestly, I am a socialist, even if it doesn't sound like it. Most people would prefer to be productive even if they get less for it. It's just that the German system really does seem to be unsustainable. Hopefully a compromise will make things better.