Galaxy Zoo Android app: New Surveys

The web-based Galaxy Zoo has switched to showing subjects from two new surveys, with new sets of questions for these surveys. So I’ve updated (see in github) the Android app too and the new version is now available in the play store. These new images are less clear, and the questions are a little harder to answer. Apparently some clearer images are on the way.

Unfortunately, though the data comes from the server, all of the decision trees, icons, help text, and example images need to be in the client – The web client and the Android app at the moment. I’ve written a small text document describing how to change the surveys used by the Galaxy Zoo Android app. It should be easier, but for now documented-and-awkward is better than not-documented-and-awkward.

2 thoughts on “Galaxy Zoo Android app: New Surveys

  1. Galaxy Zoo is a nice android app for know galaxy formed. I download this app from play store. But i have some problem , i use sony xperia z and os android 5.0 i face some problem to use this app, some time it’s show black no image and txt, when i restart my phone it’s work. How to fix it please give me a good solution.

    1. Do you mean that the Galaxy Zoo app worked when you restarted your phone?

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