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GNOME Summer Of Code 2007: ranking.

As the April 9th deadline approaches, I am becoming more brutal with my ranking of the summer of code applications. The Google web application is still not a big help with managing them, but Lucas Rocha and Vincent Untz are doing the hard work to keep us organized.

We have approximately the same number of applications as last year, but there are some signifcant differences:

I think these changes are down to our poster drive this year, and the summer of code process being more familiar to people now. It means that we have a lot more text to read, and many more difficult decisions to make.

Hopefully it will allow us to choose some more genuinely useful projects than we have sometimes in the past. I’d like our students to learn to consider user goals and usability, and I’d like them to become involved with the community by writing code that others actually care about.

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