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Installing an email server on Ubuntu

I need to set up a TLS-capable email server (which I will access via IMAP), so that the messages are encrypted between my email server and the recipient/sender’s email server.

Initial investigations show that my pessimism was appropriate – I can’t find much clear information about how to do this. Ubuntu do a server release now, so I’d like to just use the stuff they recommend. how they recommend it, but there’s not much documentation about what they package, and I still have to deal with various things, and decide between them, including sendmail, postfix, dovecot, exim, etc, which translate for me to “yadda, yadda, yadda”. As far as I can tell, dovecot does IMAP, and postfix does SMTP, and they have to be set up separately and somehow told to use the same mailboxes and the same security settings.

I don’t do this stuff generally. Installing Apache is obscure enough for me, thanks. If there’s an nice explanation for the uninitated somewhere, and a detailed how-to, that would be nice.

Am I wrong to think that most email servers should have very similar setups, so some kind of wizard/installer could just give me what I probably want?

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