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Where’s my parport0?

I need to call on the lazyweb once more.

The odd Windows program (Ashlar Vellum) that I need to use inside vmware has a copy-protection dongle that attaches to the parallel port. But vmware can’t seem to find the parallel port. By default it looks for /dev/parport0, which does not exist. If I use /dev/lp0 then it says “parallel0: We have detected an LP style device. This type of device has been deprecated in VMware Workstation. We have guessed that “/dev/parport0” corresponds to “/dev/lp0″ and will use that instead.”

So I guess that /dev/parport is the new thing in Linux, so I wonder why I don’t have it (with Ubuntu Breezy).This doesn’t seem like a vmware problem.

I have tried changing the IRQ number used for the parallel port in the BIOS, without effect.

$ lsmod | grep ppdev
$ insmod ppdev
insmod: can’t read ‘ppdev’: No such file or directory

$modprobe ppdev works
and it is loaded at startup if I put it in /etc/modules.

But I need to
$rmmod lp
to prevent it from claiming the port. I have added lp to /dev/hotplug/blacklist and a few other files that look similar, but it is still loaded at startup.

The dongle still isn’t recognised, but I haven’t tried it under non-vmwared Windows either.

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