Slightly here

I've had very little time for GNOME stuff during the past week – just an hour or so in the early mornings during the week. With that time I gradually managed to get the release notes done and now I'm trying to port Glom to the new libgda API (which looks like a minor, but not spectacular, improvement). libgdamm is ported to the new API, but hasn't settled down yet.

Nokia will kindly give me some days of freelancing work to get Maemo/Hildon C++ bindings done, and I'm looking forward to that, but I won't have time to start until the end of October.

I'm doing precisely zero work for the board at the moment, and also none for marketing, and I feel bad about that. I am very glad to see Dave Neary giving us forward momentum.

I'm also sorting out the hardware for the events box, which should just be ready in time for the first set of events, if I get the delivery addresses in time. I had to leave it a bit late, waiting on some hardware-donation decisions that fell through in the end.