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GNOME Bindings

We've done 2 releases now. Everyone is on track.

GNOME New modules

The release team must make the new modules decision soon, so it's your last chance to speak up if you don't think your favourite new modules have had the support that you expect. The release team try to keep reminding ourselves that we have to represent the consensus more than our own opinions, so there should be no surprises.

_I_ think the consensus says that these modules should go in, and _I_ think that's sensible:

I think that monkey-bubble, gdesklets, gmodconfig should not go in because they do not help with any users' goals. Hopefully we will have some GNOME personas soon that make that clearer. gtksu seems to be a library that is not used by anything in the Desktop yet, so it should not go in. The community feedback, though small, seems to support that.

gnome-network seems to be in flux, and a bit of a hacker's set of tools anyway.

I'm still waiting to hear exactly what situations/tasks/goals will be improved by mozilla-bonobo, and I've barely used RhythmBox. I'm a bit confused about how Rhythmbox and Totem fit together. Totem was not proposed, so I guess gstreamer still isn't quite ready yet, though it looks like they are getting there. Luckily, distros can choose to ship the xine version for now.

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